The ‘win’ in this game is to co-create an imagination of systemic social de-cluttering. How Will We awaken humanity’s potential for “doing the good”.   I took part in an early stage of the game design with a focus on education. FACTOIDS FOR PLAYERS – who will add some during the play “The Mission of […]

Equity Presupposes Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Education Holds Promise for Higher-Order Thinking, Emotional Resilience, and Creativity.  Mindfulness and meditation do lead to higher-order thinking faculties according the study after study and Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Jon Kabat-Zinn. Edutopia publishes an infographic on the immediate practical results: Meditation in Education Infographic. You can view a video of Arthur Zajonc, President of […]

R I C H A R D . L O U V The Coming Wave of Natural Education Reform

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter/08/09 Many of us are no longer willing to allow the growth of what, in Last Child in the Woods, I dubbed “nature-deficit disorder” – the psychological, physical and cognitive costs of human alienation from nature. During the past couple years, as I’ve spoken on this issue in the United […]

G A Y L E . D A V I S 12 Ways Arts-Integrated Education Grows Furure-Oriented Minds

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter08/09 Business sage Edward Deming observed decades ago that an education system in which 50% of the students are below average is in serious need of a paradigm shift. His point was that though mathematically correct, such a formulation is educationally misguided. The focus on high stakes testing perpetuates this […]