Burning Questions

My first full day at Bioneers 2008:

For some reason I listened to Nina Simons' opening words on the vision motivating her to start Bioneers 19 years ago. "We noticed all the biological solutions to our environmental challenges that already exist. If only people knew each other and each others' work!" She didn't say … and we wanted to build a movement. No, just for people to get to know each other and each other's work. They orchestrated the meetup. The music came on its own.

The tone here is learning, not preaching. Burning with other's burning question. Nina also said ours is the "AGE of BIOLOGY". Learning about and from the interconnected web of life." Summed up, Bioneers are Pioneers with manners.
Notable from Paul Stamets, the mushroom guy www.fungi.com
He's a rock star at Bioneers. People roar at sight of his mushroom-fabric hat. I believe the rules are speakers have to give 100% new talks each time, and he just shows that little piece of live fungi growing at lightning speed and the audience goes bananas. Life! Before our very eyes!! Who would reign in the ain't-biology-amazing guy at Bioneers??

#1: "Nature builds on its successes."
#2: "Organic networks are indestructible. They have catastrophic immunity. Because when something goes wrong and interferes with the growth of the fungal network, IT FORKS".

Catastrophic immunity! Isn't language as good as chocolate?
Paul of course compared the indestructible, ever-forking nature of fungal networking with the internet which operates organically just like that.

Applying this to human social systems, I see, from this that standardization cuts a system off from self-healing. It kills adapting and forking.

#3: "Toxins in earth as great a danger toxic as runoff to rivers, lakes, and ocean."

Applied to human system: The earth with a healthy network of fungi supports plant growth. No fungal network and its a desert. The mind with a healthy network of neurons, grows intelligence. A mind of sparse neurons is a desert. And Bruce Perry www.childtrauma.org (or com)tells us that criticism, emotional distance and a chaotic lifestyle melts holes into the growing brain. Neuroplasticity (catastrophic immunity because the brain, too, forks!) can save the day later, and why not a neuron-friendly lifestyle?
RANDOM QUOTES from Oscar Miro-Quesada, Peruvian curandero and master ceremonialist:

Answering questions on healing the self and society from the audience:

"Anything becomes medicine if you listen with soul. "

"The first move to shift a stuck person is to, with full compassion, allow them the freedom to stay stuck."

"To change society do acts of public urban art. The city is a museum space. Call them exhibitions and give it a name."

"To overcome fear, tell, hear stories of childbirth. Our culture is being born."

Oscar: www.heartofthehealer.org

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