B E T T Y . S T A L E Y To Educate Future Change Agents, Change Education Today

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter08/09 We live in a short attention-span world and face long attention-span challenges from a stressed-out educational system, a stressed out society, and a stressed-out earth. Although we can and do look at the educational system in isolation, we could begin to see it in context of its interconnection with […]

J O A N . A L M O N The Politics of Play

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter 08/09  Five years ago, when the nonprofit Alliance for Childhood announced its campaign to restore imaginative, freely chosen play to children’s lives, at home and in school, we were told that “play” was a four-letter word. “Don’t use it,” said many of our friends. We thought about it, and […]

No Child Left Behind: empty nest, full heart

My youngest child moved into his own apartment over the weekend.  So I literally have “no child left behind”. A phrase with many meanings, obviously.  ;). NCLB (No Child Left Behind), our national education policy, suggests another interpretation for “no child left behind”: “no childhood left in any child once their anti-childhood education under NCLB […]