R I C H A R D . L O U V The Coming Wave of Natural Education Reform

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter/08/09 Many of us are no longer willing to allow the growth of what, in Last Child in the Woods, I dubbed “nature-deficit disorder” – the psychological, physical and cognitive costs of human alienation from nature. During the past couple years, as I’ve spoken on this issue in the United […]

G A Y L E . D A V I S 12 Ways Arts-Integrated Education Grows Furure-Oriented Minds

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter08/09 Business sage Edward Deming observed decades ago that an education system in which 50% of the students are below average is in serious need of a paradigm shift. His point was that though mathematically correct, such a formulation is educationally misguided. The focus on high stakes testing perpetuates this […]

R O N . M I L L E R Five Principles of the Coming Education Revolution

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter08/09 Our system of schooling was shaped by a particular worldview, a mechanistic/technocratic mindset that gave rise to the age of industrial and imperial expansion that began in the mid-nineteenth century. It is increasingly apparent that this historical era has spent its creative energies and is now on the verge […]

S O N J A . W I L L I A M S Please Find a School Your Child Does NOT Attend, and Volunteer!

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter08/09 So, how does K-16 education need to change in order to prepare young people to become effective participants and change agents in the 21st Century? First, a disclaimer. I teach in the “inner city” of Los Angeles, so my perspective comes from a place where, as near as I […]