A R T H U R . Z A J O N C We Need an Educational Philosophy Fit For Human Beings

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter08/09 The educational imagination of one age is simultaneously a foreshadowing of the society we will live within a generation later. An impoverished educational imagination will inevitably lead to a diminished human society and an abused planet. In his essay “The Loss of the University,” Wendell Berry said that the […]

What needs to be "reformed" about education?

According to TIME magazine, Barack Obama “has to choose sides” on school reform.  He, according to TIME, has to choose between being an ally of the “teacher’s unions” or aligned with “school reform”.  Is it really true that choosing between soft and tough is the Obama administration’s only choice? For 15 different views on what […]

Final Post from Bioneers 2008

WHY CIVIL SOCIETY IS AHEAD OF THE CURVE Mike Sommer, founder of the Mainstream Media Project (MMP): “Bringing New Voices and Views to the Airwaves” http://www.mainstream-media.net/ ,does not think small. He moderated a panel, “Resilience Thinking as a Social Idea”, to explore how just changing the way we look at a problem will show us […]

Most Amazing Flash and Awe

My Bioneers 2008, continued: Speaker introducing DUKE LANKARD asks all "indigenous" in the audience to wave and whoop. Hey, me thinks, aren't we ALL indigenous? So I wave and whoop. Dune Lankard www.redzone.org (red-zone?) started life as an Alaska fisherman and is an Ashoka Fellow www.ashoka.org (com?) And a TIME "Heroes of the Planet" for […]

Uncle Sam Wants YOU 2 B a Trickster

Sparks flung from comedian/astrologer/trickster CAROLINE CASEY www.coyotenetworknews.net; her book: Making the Gods Work for You. It's the Trickster that liberates us from the ConMan. Time to mend our broken treaties with Creation. When things are overwhelming just move one stone. And the stones that volunteer carry half their weight. I look at the weeds showing […]

"Relationship before Task"

"Feel the nurturing energy." Essence of talk to 300+ Bioneers volunteers. Night before event volunteer orientation. Walking the talk. I get that the new culture is facilitated by volunteers. Change in my uderstanding of "volunteer" from "nothing to do" to "something to do". Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry