Equity Presupposes Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Education Holds Promise for Higher-Order Thinking, Emotional Resilience, and Creativity.  Mindfulness and meditation do lead to higher-order thinking faculties according the study after study and Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Jon Kabat-Zinn. Edutopia publishes an infographic on the immediate practical results: Meditation in Education Infographic. You can view a video of Arthur Zajonc, President of […]

J O A N . A L M O N The Politics of Play

Reprinted from GREEN MONEY JOURNAL winter 08/09  Five years ago, when the nonprofit Alliance for Childhood announced its campaign to restore imaginative, freely chosen play to children’s lives, at home and in school, we were told that “play” was a four-letter word. “Don’t use it,” said many of our friends. We thought about it, and […]