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My Bioneers 2008, continued:

Speaker introducing DUKE LANKARD asks all "indigenous" in the audience to wave and whoop. Hey, me thinks, aren't we ALL indigenous? So I wave and whoop.

Dune Lankard (red-zone?) started life as an Alaska fisherman and is an Ashoka Fellow (com?) And a TIME "Heroes of the Planet" for his solution to preserving the land and animals in Alaska's Copper River Delta after the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Today he works to design a new charter for corporations:
Non-profit + for-profit = for-social profit.

Best part of his story: after Exxon/Valdez he realizes he has to DO SOMETHING (sue corporations, etc.), become a "formless warrior" and "voice of reason" and he had never spoken publicly. He went to the top of a mountain with a pencil and a blank piece of paper to ask his Ancestors to dictate his speech. Up there for hours and saw many Signs: an eagle, provocative clouds. Finally sensed the message was coming and ready to take notes. And the message was: "Your talk is already written on that blank piece of paper. "

David Orr:

Biggest laugh:

"God put coal in the ground for a reason and she wants us to leave it there!"

Main point:

National security? Security Military Security vs Climate Security. Even many in the national security sector see need for an Iraq-scale investment in clean energy. And it shouldn't be "clean" coal.

Missing Point:

Yes to his suggestions to change our schools:

1. Civic education- No diploma w/o understanding Constitution and Bill of Rights
2. Ecoliteracy- No diploma w/o understanding how ecology works

And I suggest:

3. ChildLiteracy – No diploma without understanding childhood.


Standardized tests are failure addicts. Must keep feeding the machine failure – "failing" children – to justify their existence.


Bill McKibben

"I no longer think, I just act. "

"The arc of the moral universe is long and it bends toward justice "

Annie Leonard ("The Story of Stuff")

Her talk, short version:

We have a major flaw in how society is designed. "Story of Stuff" based on a talk she gave and someone asked her to put it on the internet. 4 million views so far.

Goal: take a complex problem and make it simple.

2 problems:

*Too much – volume
*Too toxic – incompatible with environmental systems

Happiness per person is declining. After a point more stuff is toxic.

We are an Economic, Political and Cultural society. [This Bioneers, many presenters use a "threefolded" concept of society I notice.]

We gotta bust through the Capitalism vs Socialism debate.

Google "No Impact Man."

Why I do what I do:

1. We're trashing the planet.
2. We're trashing each other.
3. We're not even having fun.

Recycling is good AND it doesn't solve or get to core of problem.

The problems are systemic. Structural. Yes, do individual things. Grow own food. Recycle. AND … Also be aware you're just getting better at swimming upstream against the problem.

Flex our citizen muscle. Our consumer part is stroked. Our citizen muscle has atrophied. And change the fundamental structure of our democracy.
We need to change the rules of the game. A radio from Borneo costs $4??

Look at the problem as a system, not just individual acts.

Some baby steps in the right direction just perpetuate the system. Just greenwashing.

[Heart leaping hearing her say it so clear and simple. Applies to educational system as well as to trash. We need to reverse the flow of the river, not just pack them a healthier lunch as we watch their boats capsize.]

"Perfect is another word for evil."

Voluntary Simplicity movement good but not commensurate with the scale of the problem.

How can this change when our economy is based on consuming?

A good question. Anybody got an answer?

Check out "Greensumption" on YouTube

"Thrift is the new black."



Book: Social Intelligence. Contains stuff like when we feel empathy the same part of our brain lights up as the part that is lit up in the brain of the suffering person you're listening to.

"We are light years ahead of our political leaders." – 27 year old environmental activist.

Our aim is to fall in love with each other again. To fall in love again, give up being right.

Perfection and timeline = the story of white people.

Just showing up is all that's required. Messy is good.


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