education in the public interest

Elinor Ostrom on why self-organization

“But until a theoretical explanation – based on human choice – for self-organized and self-governed enterprises is fully developed and accepted, major policy decisions will continue to be undertaken with a presumption that individuals cannot organize themselves and always need to be organized by external authorities.”- Elinor OstromGoverning the Commons 

The purpose of this site is to help us refresh the thoughts, attitudes and habits that determine our educational system. What goes around comes around. The goal will be to make the system warm and not cold and bureaucratic. There’ll be an assumption that education is too complex for centralized bureaucracies to fathom let alone further. We’ll be looking to downplay the public/private dichotomy and play up the potential of a possible new third sector – an education cultural commons created in the public interest – to remake education into a complex system that allows the learning space itself to discover and develop humankind’s latent capacities.

“It’s not too late to do something.” – AI WEIWEI