Uncle Sam Wants YOU 2 B a Trickster

Sparks flung from comedian/astrologer/trickster CAROLINE CASEY www.coyotenetworknews.net; her book: Making the Gods Work for You.

It's the Trickster that liberates us from the ConMan.

Time to mend our broken treaties with Creation.

When things are overwhelming just move one stone. And the stones that volunteer carry half their weight.

I look at the weeds showing up at my house and I see what's showing up to heal me.

The small man builds prisons everywhere. The magic woman throws keys everywhere.

Welcome, Compasssionate Tricksters Everywhere, listening to humorless pragmatists everywhere. Welcome back the most misunderstood, most exiled, most reviled part of you. Put it on your magician's worktable and work with societys Wolves and Cayotes. And the Antelope is OK with all of it.

We're not being kidnapped, we're being helped.

In our backpack we have our original tools. Call in your Trickster from exile.

Spiritual ettiquette says "Cooperate with everything. Operators are standing by. "

Low pain threshold people say "I don't need any help" and their lot is martyrdom, expectation, disappointment.

Trickster and Maverick will have the opposite meaning on Election Day.

Science and Religion need each other. All Scientists are Mystics.

Either mystical thought is true, in which case its the only way to live, or its not true, and its still the only way to live.

When you abdicate your own authority you should be afraid.

"Maverick" comes from the Maverick family in Texas that didn't brand their cattle and if you saw and an unbranded cow you knew it was a "Maverick".

Does our manner of relating serve Tyranny or Freedom?

Who wants the ring of power?

Kingdom w/o "g" is kindom.

We're electing a desirable story.
The Full Moon of Oct 14 was the gateway to the garden of all desired things.

The only safety in the face of danger is to run toward it.

Alan Watts: "No sense clinging to the rocks that are falling with you."

Now, apply everything to life. No splendid solitude safe from you-name-it.

Everything is speaking to us, even cable news brought to you by erectile dysfunction. Empire dysfunction. If your Empire lasts more than 2000 years call for help. All Empire requires slaves.

In 2008 the bills came due: government, economy, infrastructure.

Power and Point. In your magic backpack you have PowerPoint. The power of story. Power of language is really crucial.
Jeherazad tells 1000 stories to bring the wounded heart alive again.

What does Trickster do when things are going down? Point toes and say "woo-hoo! Do the ride again!"

Both words mean "against the stars"

To reract to anything is not free. Cultivate a repertire of imaginative of responses.

Fairy Tale. Ist Sibing: chosen. 2nd Sibling: special. Third sibling: Unique. Our is the Fairy Tale of the 3rd Sibling.

Don't focus on "why" you want it. That's just beating the drum for what is. No Tantrum Yoga! Intend, fulfill. What do you want to feel like? Make yourself into a vibrational match for what you want to manifest.

Tyranny is not Wildness. Wild animals are very disciplined. No staying up late watching reruns.

Trickster turns the mirror into a window.

Complicity is not shame or blame. Just be aware that we are complicit with Tyranny and we can withdraw complicity from it.

Modern consciousness is a portable prison. We are watching ourselves watching ourselves. Freedom and Wildness is not watching ourselves and being intimate again.

Look at what's missing from the mainstream party. The economic meltdown is an Awakening of the 60's sleeper cells – all the economists who were young in the 60's are now in their 60's and waking up from their sleep and to the dreams of their youth.
We want everyone to have a soft landing. Even the tyrants. Bush and Cheney will take up knitting and weaving in the underworlds.

Nature is the model of leadership. Wolves don't operate on Dominance but Charisma. Its the calmness that attracts.

What we're voting for on Nov 4th is the end of Empire.

Obama is inviting the soul of this country. See him living well into his 90's as an elder statesman.

The monstrous feminine and the war hero, together bring about the end of Empire.

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